Affiliate Programme for Travel Bloggers

If you are a travel blogger or you manage a website dedicated to South American tourism, the Daytours4u Affiliate Program can help you make some money and add a new dimension to your brand.

Joining is easy and has many benefits

Signing up
Once we have received your membership request, we will contact you with information about how to get started.

Embed your links
Incorporate your personalised links into your blog, website, social media profiles, or email signature: wherever you prefer.

Make money
Sales generated by traffic sent to us from your referrals equals’ easy profit for you. We make money, you make money – it’s that simple.
"The great thing about this affiliate programme is that I have the opportunity to share my experiences in Colombia, and also monetise my blog so that I can continue to create high quality content."
Sarah Duncan
"I see two benefits: first, having a reliable company on to which I can forward tour requests that come to me through my blog, and second, being able to make money through this simple process."
Gisele Teixeira
“Aquí me quedo”
"I am new to the environment of blogging and earning money through my website, but being a part of the Daytours4u Affiliate Programme is proving to be interesting, profitable, and very positive."
Patricio Espigares
“Brasileros por Buenos Aires”

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