Are your customers constantly enquiring about services and travel adventures in South America? Do you want to expand your business and offer alternative travel experiences? The Reseller Program with Daytours4u will allow you to extend over 500 tourist services in Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Chile to your customers. By outsourcing tour booking and operations to a friendly and responsible company, you will guarantee a positive travel experience for your clients.
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Request your travel agency account by emailing An Account Manager will reply to you within one working day with a request for more information about your business. Thereafter, we will provide you with a personal “Reseller Agent” account.
Once your account has been opened, you can login to each of our destination websites with your designated username to view the special price for resellers.
When one of your customers wants to book a tour or an activity, you can login to your account, make the online reservation, select the most convenient payment method, and pay the net price for travel agents. If you want to book an itinerary that includes multiple destinations or services, your Account Manager will be able to assist you in the booking process.

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